Integrating Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to research development in schools can speedily light up any dark world. There is a decay in research in Africa whereas we have the potential and resources to speedily compete with the first world nations and stand out stronger than what we are now. Integrating this discipline to research in school would build a sustainable and reliable economy of any nation adding the skills needed for the manufacture of various products that meet human needs.

Science is an intellectual and functional activity including the systematic investigation of the structure and conduct of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. We additionally consider technology to be a specialist of progress to any . Technology is the use of knowledge and skills to make products and to administer valid instructions on how to use it for the benefit of mankind. It incorporates the devices and machines that individuals use to change over characteristic resources into things they require. Engineering is involved with planning, building, and utilizing this innovation, including motors and machines whereas Mathematics is the study of quantities and space. Mathematics is used in sciences to explain the world and in innovation to clarify things that are being constructed and built.

To make remarkable contribution to research in schools, and other research institutes, STEM at various levels in schools should not be overlooked. Various modelling techniques like the use of robotics and robust programming languages, can be incorporated to boost research in STEM especially in schools. The research decay that could have brought about productivity can be salvaged only if we integrate STEM discipline to schools starting from the tender level. Young learners in schools need to have the STEM knowledge. They need to learn how to start building and programing simple LEGO and other Robotics equipment. Inculcating this mindset at an early stage to youngsters would bring a massive turnaround in any nation and productivity rate will be greatly enhanced. We need to get children enthused to the STEM discipline.  Youngsters need to be excited creating, building and designing things on their own. Youngsters need to enjoy the fun of creating a 3D model of the earth and the moon and see it rotate relatively with each other. Youngster should be able to explore the concepts of design and chemical reactions and also walk through the process of making simple apps.

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Written by Wisdom Edem Nkanta
Twitter @NkantaWizdom
STEM instructor at Brainiacs STEM and Robotics

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