Here are some common questions about Brainiacs.


How are Brainiacs Packages delivered?

Our packages can be delivered via any of the following methods: After school enhancement, Home Visitation, Workshops, Exhibition (Makers Creativity Hubs) and Camps.

What is the requirement for schools or students to participate in Brainiacs Sessions?

To obtain maximum benefit from our service, we require schools to have a computer room with adequate number of computers. We are also able to provide computers at a cost if required.

How long does it take for learners to complete each stage of the Brainiacs Creativity package?

Brainiacs creativity package is divided into 3 stages namely: Beginners, Intermediate and Proficient. It is projected that the beginners stage will take about three (3) years to complete if a child stays consistently on the programme. Intermediate stage will take another three (3) years to complete under the same condition as the beginners stage. Proficient stage is the stage that prepares candidates to university degree in STEM and could continue even while students are in the university. At this stage candidates are expected to write programmes, develop simple Apps (both web and mobile), manage data bases etc. While beginners and intermediate stages aim to spark interest in STEM, proficient stage aims to bridge the gap that often exist in the typical Nigerian university curriculum where learning is mostly theoretical and not up to global/industry standard.

Can Brainiacs train school teachers to teach Brainiacs pupils in their schools using Brainiacs Curriculum?

Brainiacs can train teachers of a school that has a dedicated centre under our train the train package. Under this arrangement Brainiacs will sign an agreement with the school so that at the beginning of each session STEM instructors from the schools will trained on the latest modules developed by Brainiacs. Any uodates from the previous years in teaching approach, softwares, equipment will taught to the teachers.

Brainiacs can also work with governments and other agencies or organizations to train staff of public schools. Our focus is to provide opportunity for all and no child is left behind.

Do Brainiacs set up a dedicated center for schools?

At request, Brainiacs can set up creativity centers for interested schools. We are also able to maintain these centers as an option.

What is the maximum number of pupils that can particiapte in a Brainiacs Creativity Session?

At Brainiacs we maintain a low student to instructor ratio to maximize learning, creativity and fun. We maintain a maximum of 8 children per instructor

What is a Makers Creativity Hub?

This club introduces learning making and developing simple systems such as home control systems, remote controlled kits using modular circuit boards such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


How is Brainiacs package differnet from Lego Robotics?

Brainiacs package provides an integrated approach to providing basic technical skills required for a future career. By combining elements of basic ICT skills, robotics and science to provide a robust set of skills for our clients.

How is Brainiacs different from Mad Science?

Brainiacs package provides an integrated approach to providing basic technical skills required for a future career. By combining elements of basic ICT skills, robotics and science to provide a robust set of skills for our clients.

How is Brainiacs Different from Standard ICT Class?

Brainiacs package provides an integrated approach to providing basic technical skills required for a future career. Brainiacs creativity packages combines elements of coding, programme, robotics, application of technology and science in an integrated approach to spark creativity and innovation. Standard ICT modules are based on the national curriculum which currently does not include programming and coding and their application to modern technology. At Brainiacs we also teach design (2/3D animation, computer aided design – CAD) mechatronics design using Arduino and Raspberry Pi, Robotics (both Lego and other open source such Mbot), Circuit design and many more.


What are the different proficiency for Brainiacs Creativity Packages?

There are 3 levels of proficiency for Brainiacs package. These include:

  • Junior or Beginners (typically age 5-12 yrs)
  • Intermediate (typically age 13 – 17 yrs)
  • Proficient (typically 17yrs +)
What is the right age to start teaching children coding and other related STEM fields?

Our youngest Brainiacs makers are age 4 years +. Based on our experience, it is better to catch them young and build up. the prerequisites for joining the class are: the child has to be at least 4 years, understand and speak English, reading skills is also a plus but not a requirement.

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It includes broad career areas which includes computer science, Medicine, Biotechnology, energy studies, engineering and design, Mathematics and its applications.

Why is STEM important?

We at Brainiacs believe that STEM education is key toward building a sustainable economy in Nigeria as confirmed by many studies both locally and internationally. As it is today, Nigeria as a nation depends so much on importation of goods. This has put a great deal of strain on our national currency and threatens our economy. For us to be able to produce more goods and provide more services at home, we need more doctors, more engineers, more designers and more programmers. On the global scale, it is established that STEM work areas will continue to high on demand with limited number of qualified candidates because of the gap that exist in the national curriculum.


Can Brainiacs Partner with other organizations to promote STEM education in communities?

Brainiacs is open to partnering with other organizations with the sole aim of promoting STEM skills in Nigeria. Brainiacs has recently worked in partnership with organizations such as Skills out of School, Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Fossils energy Resources, Girls Coding, Coder dojo to mention but a few. Brainiacs is also working to establish working relationships with Federal, state and local government authorities across the country. For more information about partnering contact us.

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