When many of us were in school we dreaded those moments when a test or an exam was approaching. Having to spend hours reading and fearing that the result of the test or exam may decide your fate and status as a student contributed to the fears. However, when we browse the internet, we frequently come up with some trivia challenges that we end up participating for the fun of it. We answer quizzes and puzzles and also play simple games that test our knowledge in a wide range of topics from entertainment to the already forgotten nursery rhyme lyrics. We also like to answer personality tests online that tells us some covert behaviour of ours we do not realise we exhibit. We do all these because they are fun and inwardly we enjoy testing ourselves to find out how much substance is in us.

Whenever we participate in such, we do it voluntarily to win a physical reward or to win the personal psychological award of accomplishment. This contrasts the moments we had faced when we were in school answering test questions or answering an aptitude test for a job you so much want. The level of relaxation and excitement is completely different. In the former setting, an individual is more likely to have fun and learn as he tries to answer the questions while in the latter setting an individual would like to be done as soon as possible.

Education should not be something a person is to find boring. Learning should always be fun, and that is why we are always attracted to educative puzzles and challenges. There are many online quizzes that can be taken for fun, to discover more about ourselves and prove how much we know in a certain subject matter.

Letslearn.ng has commenced a weekly quiz challenge for all ages in categories including General Mathematics, Science & Technology, Programming & Coding and General knowledge & Ethics. These quizzes present an awesome opportunity to test our knowledge in different subjects and also to do two of the most important parts of education: learn and have fun.

To participate in the Letslearn.ng quiz competitions click here and the begin the quiz under any of the available categories. In these quizzes, you can win fantastic prizes weekly, which adds more rewards to the activity. Register today on Letslearn.ng and begin to have amazing fun.

Written by Awoyemi Omotola.

CEO LetsLearn.ng


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