Creativity Hub

Brainiacs Creativity Hubs popularly called C-Hubs, are STEM ecosystems that nurture young learners to interact with the latest technology to create Innovative mind

Clubs at the C-Hubs

Coding Club

Programming and Coding

Makers Club

Mechatronics and Systems inventions

Robotics Club


Design Club

2 / 3D Animation, CAD and Graphics

Science Club

Application to life and physical sciences

Typical C-Hubs Program of Events


Day of the Week Our Clubs Session 1 (2-3pm) Session 2 (3-4pm)
#1 Monday Coding Club Age 6 to 10 Age 11 plus
#2 Tuesday Robotics Club Age 6 to 10 Age 11 plus
#3 Wednesday Makers Club Age 6 to 10 Age 11 plus
#4 Thursday Design Club Age 6 to 10 Age 11 plus
#5 Friday Science Age 6 to 10 Age 11 plus
#6 Saturday Genius Hour Age 6 to 10 Age 11 plus


Item Category
Per Visit Bronze (Any Club)
Monthly Silver (Max of 2 Clubs)
Quarterly Gold (Max of 2 Clubs plus free Genius Hour pass)
Annually Platinum (Max of 3 Clubs plus free Genius Hour pass)
Genius Hour Free for Gold and Platinum members

C-Hubs Membership

Genius Hour

  • The Genius Hour is fun packed STEM session that holds every Saturday at every C-Hub

  • The Session contains special events that covers multiple areas of STEM.

  • Genius Hour Sessions are opened to all age brackets.

  • Events are open to both club and non club members

  • Gold & Platimum members can attend the Genius Hour at no extra cost.

Brainiacs C-Hub Hangout

  • These are special events that bring together techies from all disciplines to hang out and discuss specific subjects.

  • The tech hang out is going to be invitational.

  • Renown techies will be invited to anchor and moderate the sessions.

  • Discussion points will include areas of STEM, Entrepreneurship and Citizenship.

  • Ladies in STEM Sessions.

    Hangouts will be free of charge.