On Thursday the 5th of August, the Brainiacs STEM and Robotics team headed out to Ota, Ogun State to do a STEM session with the kids of Alpha Initiative for Development.

Alpha Initiative for Development started as a result of a reading program that was started for the kids in the area. Concerned by the absence of reading skills among the kids, Mrs Ama decided to start a reading camp in July 2014.

As time went on she realized that the kids needed to learn other skills apart from reading so she reached out to Brainiacs STEM and Robotics.

Alpha Initiative for Development works with Nawaar Ru Deen Primary School around the Iju Health Centre, a few kilometres away from Covenant University

We got to teach the kids coding and robotics during our time with them. We taught the kids the rudimentary steps of creating an algorithm and we were surprised to see the level of excitement of the kids as they figured out the solutions to problems.

Once we switched to robotics we had to work really hard to control the class as the excitement was building. The kids got to assemble robots from scratch.

The beginners got to finish their projects first and were really excited, this development brought out the zeal to work harder from the older ones and the end result was amazing.

One of our primary objectives is proffering skills on problem solving to the young generation, preparing them for the future with the necessary skills they require to be globally competitive.

This brought about our partnership with Alpha Initiative for Development to prevent the talents/gifts of the kids from being wasted. As partners, Brainiacs STEM and Robotics will also do our best to develop the next generation of scientists and engineers in Nigeria.

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