Brainiacs STEM & Robotics recognizes that access to an effective and quality education is the fundamental right of every child. Basically, this said responsibility cannot be left in the hands of the government alone if we are to have and a better functional education system we can be proud of; thus the need for private sector and individuals to join hands together to synergize and map out a plan  to build the younger generation into valuable assets that our Nation yearns for.

In an effort to contribute to the underserved children in the society and in their educational needs in the area of STEM, Brainiacs STEM & Robotics, north western regional office in Kaduna  came up with an initiative geared towards alleviating these lapses by teaching STEM sessions to the underserved in  schools, orphans, and vulnerable children and in an Almajiri outfit. These sessions will be were conducted at their various locations within Kaduna metropolis.


The session for orphanage held on the 21st of June, 2016 at Hasko Community School, Malali, Kaduna. Children of different class levels and ages had fun while they learnt and were taught the basic of robotics, basic programming, basic electronics and circuit design.  The interest and enthusiasm shown during these lessons amazed their own teachers.

The next session  held to support these underserved children was at an Almajiri school session. The school is situated at Ungwar Rimi, Kaduna north. These sessions were held with the permission of their tutors, the  team introduced the pupils to STEM and the opportunities inherent therein. The pupils had a fun experience learning the basic rudiments of robotics and basic electronics circuit design  and they looked forward to the next session.


Brainiacs STEM & Robotics Nigeria seeks to continue with this sessions with these children to nurture their newly discovered interest and spur their creativity and innovative minds.. to sustain these initiative,  a plan named “Almajiri School & Orphanage STEM Education Project” has been drawn to sustain this project.

This initiative involves holding sessions for 80 underserved Nigerian children: 40 (forty) of whom will be Almajiri pupils  and the remaining 40 (forty) will be  orphans within Kaduna State. The rationale behind these is to train and educate the pupils  on Brainiacs creativity Modules and the Basics tool to guide them towards a dependable existence with continuous supervision.

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