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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

3D Printing

Bring your imagination to reality

Creativity Package

The Brainiacs creativity pack is what we call our training and enhancement package.

Product Development

Following enhanced, design and product development approach, Brainiacs has developed solutions.

Application Development

The depth of experience and capability in Brainiacs gives us a unique opportunity to engage in systems and application development.


With a pull of highly qualified engineers and scientist, Brainiacs support research institutions and companies with in-depth data and analysis.
Learn on the Go with
Get skills in business, tech, and personal development. Become an Instrutor and earn money.
Learn STEM the fun way


“Program apps for the App Store”

“Automate tasks with coding”

“Develop artificial intelligenc


Develop a video game”

“Mod Minecraft”

“Design 3D levels”

Robotics & Electronics

“Engineer a robot”

“Make a flying drone”

“Design wearable electronics


“Design 3D models with 123D Design”

“3D Print your design”

“Learn about Design Thinking with Littlebits”

Making an Impact with STEM and Robotics

Every year our world grows in reliance on technology. Bringing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.) to the forefront of fun activities is vital to learning. Education only covers so much, which is why including S.T.E.M. in entertainment becomes so important.
We’re more than a camp
With summer programs and year-round private lessons, our skill development system paves the way for college, internships, and dream careers.
I had my reservations when Braniaics STEM cam knocking. Thank goodness I was able only but part of the minority so couldn’t stop the project Jim Dareng

Green College

Lean STEM in a fun and innocative way? What more can the students wish for? Space exploration? Ode Jerome


My experience learning at Brainiacs STEM Summer Camp led me towards my college education in engineering. Collins Adebayo

Covenant Uni

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